Independent Senior Living Program

Assisting Independent Seniors in LivingĀ Independently

Ask your leasing agent about our Independent Senior Living Program for more information and to see if you qualify.

Trash Pickup

We recognize that at times, it can be difficult for an independent senior to carry heavy loads of garbage out to the dumpster. With our program, we will pick up the tenants trash twice a week.

Daily Courtesy Calls

Daily calls to ensure tenants safety and protection. If call goes unanswered, we go and check on the wellbeing of the tenant.

Alarm Maintenance

We provide semi-annual battery check on alarms to ensure that they are functioning properly.


We will be more than happy to assist in carrying groceries and other objects up to the tenants apartment.

Daily Activities

Assist with small day-to-day items such as replacing light bulbs, programming remotes, setting up aut0-dial on phones, or any other small day-to-day activities.

Extended Stay Away

When the tenant is going to be away from his or her apartment for an extended period of time, for reasons such as an extended stay in the hospital, rehabilitation, etc., we will provide help by:

  • Accepting mail
  • Watering plants
  • Removing Perishables (from the refrigerator or trash in the apartment)