image28931Mr. Mintz is a Certified Public Accountant (inactive) with over 40 years of experience in a multitude of disciplines including positions as a CFO and VP of finance for a telecommunications and office equipment supplier respectively. He was involved in his family’s real estate development business which consisted of 200+ units, plus individual residences and a number of professional properties. As an entrepreneur Mr. Mintz’s broad range of experiences span from development of an accounting and financial planning firm to owning and operating a full service equipment leasing organization; as well as originating both debt and equity transactions for existing and emerging businesses.  Mr. Mintz will be responsible for Investment Relations, and marketing of ROCO.

Mr. Mintz  was a Board member and Director of Business Development for Rockwell Financial Corporation, an agency specializing in charitable legacy insurance programs.  He is also an active Board member of Cowboy By Choice Partners and its wholly owned subsidiary the Bertman Original Ballpark Mustard Co.  He was the Director of Business Development for an Insurance Auditing Company specializing in advanced planning concepts that reviews and analyzes Life Insurance Portfolios for the purpose of significantly increasing their efficiency and effectiveness thus providing optimum value to the client and their advisors. Mr. Mintz was directly responsible for client development and insurance solutions for high net worth individuals including placing individual policies up to $30 million. Over the years Mr. Mintz was involved in a number of equity raising investment transactions including a $10 million equity requirement for a $50 million real estate portfolio.

Mr. Mintz graduated from the University of Toledo in 1975 with a B.B.A in Accounting and received his C.P.A. in the State of Ohio in 1983.  A resident of Beachwood, Ohio with his wife Laura, he has three children, all college graduates and is a member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants,and a Licensed Insurance Agent in the State of Ohio.

Mr. Mintz has been a member of the USGA and participates in competitive amateur golf tours throughout Northeastern Ohio as well as involved in and supportive of a number of local charitable organizations.