Ned Wasserstein


Ned Wasserstein is the Managing Partner,  who is responsible to oversee and assist in the financial strength of Waterstone Property Management.  He is also responsible to assist in the financial well-being and growth of his employees.  His primary role is as the company’s Rainmaker and Pathfinder.

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Catherine Wasserstein

Communications Coordinator

Catherine Wasserstein is our communications liaison for Waterstone PM, who is responsible in making sure everyone keeps their word and she explores new opportunities as well as maintaining existing relationships.

Alycia Drabish

Alycia Drabish

Office Manager

Alycia is the initial contact to our office who filters communication to the proper channels and is responsible for time sensitive correspondence. She also oversees the general flow of the office and real estate maintenance. Alycia graduated Bowling Green State University with a BS in Business Administration and an emphasis in Hospitality Management.


Abby D Reel

Manager & Leasing Agent at Garfield Club Apartments, with us since 2010

Abby is a valued employee ~ whose role includes property leasing, handling service orders and general “Go To” person involving anything at Garfield Club Apartments. Most of her adult life she has been in property management & leasing. She also is a “Certified Leasing Professional” granted by the Northeast Ohio Apartment Association


Stacey Ellsworth

Accounts Payable Manager, with us since 2000

Stacey previously worked for us as our front office manager from 2001 to 2005. Then took a leave until 2008 when her new responsibility was to oversee Garfield Club Apartments. In 2013, she again did another switch because she went back to school. Currently out of school now, she works full time at our corporate office.

Maintenance Crew

Abe Gibson  – Maintenance Tech – Since 1996

Aeric Harrison – Maintenance Tech  – Since 2010

We are looking for a full time Maintenance Tech


Sean Alexander  Maintenance Assistant – Since 2017

Rock On Cleveland Managing Partners for Opportunity Funds I & II

Ned Wasserstein

Managing Partner for Rock On Cleveland

Ned Wasserstein is responsible to oversee the day to day operations of the Rock On’s various properties including the upgrading, leasing and overall financial strength of each property.



Michael S. Mintz

Investment Relations

Mr. Mintz, currently an inactive Certified Public Accountant is responsible for Investment Relations and marketing of ROCO I & II.




Mark B. Schildhouse

Investment Relations

Mark Schildhouse provides the legal counsel and also assists in the pathway to investors.